[downtime] CS System Downtime, Tuesday, September 6, 2016,

Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2016 (07:00-09:00)

Who is affected:
All users of the CS Department public cycle servers (soak, wash, rinse, and
spin, aka “cycles”) and course lab servers (courselab01 and courselab02,
aka “courselab”)

What is happening:
During this window, the cycles systems will be replaced with newer
hardware, and the courselab systems will be reinstalled and updated with
the latest distribution version of Springdale Linux 7.2.

SPECIAL NOTE: As we are installing fresh OSes, all crontabs on the cycles
and courselab machines will be deleted. If you have crontabs that you wish
to persist, you will need to back up your crontabs before the downtime, and
restore them after.

Why is it happening:
This is part of normal maintenance of the publicly-accessible systems, and
will bring newer versions of installed tools and software.

Please note that with this upgrade, some older versions of software, or
some packages which are no longer part of the distribution, may no longer
be available. We encourage you to verify your workflows after this upgrade
to ensure you are able to continue your work. CS Staff stands ready to
assist with any unforeseen trouble.

We will post updates to the status page: http://www.csstaff.org
as necessary.

If this downtime will cause you undue hardship, please contact
csstaff@cs.princeton.edu immediately, so we can discuss options to reduce
any negative impact. Your patience is appreciated.
CS Staff
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