Short Notice Downtimes and File System Issues

As many of you have noticed and reported, we continue to have serious performance problems with our file server. (This is the system that serves everything except home directories.) The issue has been escalated to the highest level and is getting 24/7 attention from our vendor. To get the problem resolved as quickly as possible, we expect to have a few short downtimes (<  1 hour) with short notice (~30 minutes) this week. This notice is to make sure that you pay close attention to messages on the downtime list and on this blog. If you are a researcher and have conference/journal/proposal deadlines this week, please let us know who is working on them and when they are due. Also, if you are an instructor and have assignments due this week (that require use of the CS infrastructure), please let us know the course and time the assignment is due. At this time, the read performance from the file server is acceptable; however, the write performance is pathologically slow. Note that to get the read performance where it is now, we have to temporarily disable updating the atime (accessed time) value. Also, snapshots on the project space have been temporarily disabled. Update 12:37pm: We will have a brief downtime at 1:00pm today, when we reboot the file server. In an attempt to minimize disruption, other systems will be left up during the file server reboot, so you will notice a long pause while the reboot occurs. Things should hopefully return once the server comes back up. The downtime should be less than 30 minutes if it goes as expected.