Emergency Downtime: Thursday, June 5, 2008

Due to a failure in our main UPS, we need to perform emergency maintenance today beginning at 12:00pm (noon). This work will require the shutdown of our main server room and is expected to last approximately 90 minutes. We realize that many people are up against conference deadlines this week and we have not made this decision lightly. At this time our systems are not protected by backup power and any power event could cause a disruption that could last for substantially more than our expected downtime.

Here’s a close-up of the inside of the UPS unit showing charring around one of the main power cables.


Update: At 3:30pm, we are back up. The work was only a partial success. We now have battery backup for one power event at a time. After each event we must manually reset the system to be ready for the next event. We are all crossing our fingers that the commercial power is clean through Tuesday when we will have our scheduled downtime to connect our new, bigger UPS.