[downtime] CS Network Maintenance, Wednesday, October 20, 2021,

Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 (07:00-09:00)

Who is affected:
Users of CS Department Network Services

What is happening:
The CS Department’s network uplink to OIT’s network (and onward to the
internet) will undergo configuration changes to finalize the deployment of
redundant upstream peering to OIT’s new routers.

This work is expected to cause some very short outages of our uplink, but
most people or systems should not notice them. As technological changes
always present the possibility of unexpected results, though, this message
is notice in case of the unexpected.

Why is it happening:
This change will finalize the router peering with OIT’s new routers in the
Lewis Library and New South buildings, providing more redundancy than the
original design which uplinked the department only through Lewis Library
(and 87 Prospect prior to that).

This last step will move the actual routing of CS Department traffic
through the new routers.

We will post updates to the status page: http://www.csstaff.org
as necessary.

If this work will cause you undue hardship, or if you have questions or
concerns, please contact csstaff@cs.princeton.edu to discuss. Your patience
is appreciated.

CS Staff
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