WARNING: Spear-Phishing Targeting the CS Department

Users may have received a phishing attempt to their CS e-mail account. The subject may be “Account Login Alert!” or “Princeton Security”.

Please be aware that there seems to be a coordinated spear-phishing campaign targeting the CS Department. Various e-mails are being delivered to accounts making assorted claims from improper password use to free money or local news and events.

Remember to always exercise caution with e-mail and web sites. These messages prey on your inattention in order to steal your credentials and use them for various nefarious purposes. DO NOT CLICK SUSPICIOUS LINKS, and DO NOT TYPE YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD on any site that you are not 100% sure belongs to the CS Department.

If you are not sure, please feel free to forward suspicious messages to CS Staff (including full headers if you can) and we can verify whether or not the message is valid.

If you may have compromised your account, contact CS Staff

If you need any additional assistance, please contact the CS Staff at any time.